Our Approach

Our studious technique and generations-old skills are infused with modern technologies and an intimate, hands-on approach to plaster conservation. Our high level of proficiency in custom fabrication and respect for the basics means we can work with a wide range of materials in plaster preservation. The study of old photographs, drawings, sketches or drafts provide bountiful insight, and from that we either duplicate or interpret the original intent, depending on the integrity of that design. The full potential of those blueprints is discernable to the extent a trained eye can glean. Where ornamental plaster creations and plaster restoration is concerned our expertise is unmatched, as is the speed and accuracy with which we work.

We consider ourselves chemists of the architectural world. Proper restoration in ornamental plaster involves precision with regard to method and timing: a thorough knowledge of chemistry to recreate the right kind of plaster while enhancing it with new materials and exact geometry for proper plaster duplication. We pinpoint the source of structural problems and remedy the poor technique found in failed restoration attempts to reinstate the indigenous building fabric and extend the life of historical plaster for many generations to come.