About Us

Founded by a third generation master plasterer Jean-Francois Furieri in 1986, Iconoplast is one of the few plaster conservation businesses still in existence today specializing in ornamental plaster creations. Drawn from a legacy that acts as guardian to this ancient craft, our expertise is unsurpassed. We apply plaster repair techniques that are creative and adept to ensure longevity of the fabric. The result of our labor stands as infallible evidence of our commitment to honoring the character and integrity of the original design and spans landmarks, heritage buildings and culturally-influential structures of all kinds across North America.

Our treatment programs stem from intricate and incisive diagnoses of difficult plaster problems; where some attempts result in mere patch work our approach to plaster restoration is impeccable, upholding an unrivaled quality that boasts an old-world, custom look. Our exemplary record includes Toronto’s Pantages Theatre (home of Phantom of the Opera, now known as the Canon), One King West and the Royal Ontario Museum; in New York, among others, the Lyric/Apollo Theatre, the Selwyn Theatre and the Manhattan Opera House.

One of our biggest prides, however, is our work on the Imperial Theatre in Saint John, New Brunswick. Described by award-winning broadcaster Stuart Mclean as the most beautiful theatre in Canada, it bespeaks the caliber of an opera house in Italy. Our team of architects, designers, artisans and structural engineers infused the plaster moulding with a baroque style and flamboyant ornamentation to produce a rich artistic finish of technical flawlessness. And that is the standard our labor lives by.